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My next 10 year challenge

My Crete Adventure

Fit Fabulous & Over 60

My Juicing Passion

Travel or save

I have come to the conclusion that based on the job I do as a Healthcare Assistant/Support Worker, on a basic wage, that I can travel or save but not both. Right now, as I am living rent free I have decided to focus the next few months on travel. Hoping that chosing one will stop all the negative thoughts […]

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Juicing back to happiness

When the sun is out my desire to start juicing kicks in. My daughter calls me a sunflower because my whole mood depends on whether the sunshine is around. Just another reason why I should spend the winters some place hot. Today I went out and stocked up on my juicing faves. The first is my green juice Green apples […]

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Camden Market

I was all dressed and walking my daughter to the train station. Seemed like a waste of time heading home to do nothing so I thought I would jump on a train and go somewhere. I guess that’s one of the best things about being in London. There is plenty to see and do if you know what you like […]

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Happy 2019

Five days into the New Year and I am only just getting round to thinking about 2019. Since moving back to London in December I have managed to catch the flu and then a head cold. That’s two illnesses in one month. I am usually never ill. Moving and having to find work has been, not stressful, but challenging. Everyone […]

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet

anti-inflammatory diet

Armed with the information that my body was hurting due to inflammation I looked out for an anti-inflammatory diet. I already knew that changing from a standard diet to one that contained more vegetables and fruit had made a difference. At that time it was without exercise. The food change alone helped. As soon as I went back to my […]

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