Red Ribbons – Diane Corriette

Red ribbons float away. Reminders of my youth
The ashes from my wasted time spread before me like broken glass
Drunken roads leave treadmarks as they rise to hit my swollen head
In your eyes I have failed again
The bottle. Evidence of my dearest friend
Sore heads argue for refrain but the pain’s too much to take
Swimming in the depths of another stupor, I think of you
Closed eyes. I beg for it all to be over
Red Ribbons was written by Diane (Zyanne) Corriette
I wrote this after talking to someone who was feeling bad about letting down a family member. They had made a promise that they couldn’t keep and in their words ‘wanted to die’, which is a terrible place to be in life but how they felt at the time. I am sure we have all made attempts to overcome something or give up something and fail miserably at doing so – for me it is always dieting.


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    • Thanks. It was one of those poems that just ‘fell’ out of me. I have been trying to repeat that ever since but no luck yet.


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