Letting my soul be my pilot in 2013

With Christmas over 2013 is on its way and thoughts turn to New Year celebrations and thinking about the coming year. The new goals, the new focus and hopefully making a real difference over the next 12 months.
I like to have a mantra to live by every year (2012 was to focus on progress not perfection)
For 2013 I lean more towards the spiritual. Having had my life guided for so many years
Only when I forget the true nature of who I am does my life fall apart.
Today I heard a song on the radio by Sting called “Let your soul be your pilot” and my mind was made up.
The coming year will be all about letting go and letting my soul be my pilot in 2013. Less planning and more flowing with the Divine.
My mantra for 2013 will be – “Let go and flow” – which is not always an easy task for a planning, control freak like me but I do find life is less of a struggle when I do.
My only bit of planning for 2013 will be to write my heart out….


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