Guest Blogger: Annie Laurie Harris memoir “It’s Easier to Dance”

I love memoirs. They serve as an opportunity to tell the world about your life. They are also great for family history. Imagine if your great, great grandmother or father had written about their life and the things they went through – how inspirational would that be.

Writing also has a great way of helping to heal. As if getting the words out of your body and onto paper helps to lift a weight of pain or worry from you.

Today on LinkedIn I found a link from author Annie Laurie Harris about her book “It’s Easier to Dance” and a guest blog post that provides a reading.

You can read the article here :
Guest Blogger: Annie Laurie Harris memoir “It’s Easier to Dance”.

I wrote a free eBook on the importance of keeping a journal which is one of the free self-confidence resources I provide. You will be surprised how many people can be inspired by your words.