A meal made with love

I thought I would add my short stories onto a different blog. This is my first blog post based on a challenge…

MidLife Warrior

This blog post is part of the weekly writing challenge over at The Daily Post. I thought it would be a great way to β€˜christen’ my new blog.

A meal made with love


His obsession with food was legendary. Well, in our part of town it was. His need for perfection was tolerated. Well, by those of us who wanted to work with him at least. When Chef Jackson laid his hands on raw food it was always turned into a meal made with love. Expertly cut, delicately cooked, creatively laid out to eat. Each dish a masterpiece to behold.

I was in love with him. They all knew that in the kitchen. How could you not be? His fiery temper mixed in with his passion and desire to create the best gourmet eating experience this side of London Bridge. I dreamt about him in those brief moments when…

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4 thoughts on “A meal made with love

  1. I thought I would have a read of your blog, after you commented on mine saying you want to be a writer. I loved reading this and would most definitely want to read more πŸ™‚ They way you wrote it really allowed me to picture it perfectly, and already after such a short amount of writing you can see the characters personalities.


    • Thanks Therese. I appreciate you stopping by and for your comment. πŸ™‚
      I am starting a short story course soon for one year and am looking forward to what develops as a result. It just feels like the right time for something new. Time will tell.


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