The day I think I finally got it

I had read the book five times before, but this time something was different. I closed the book and was careful to keep my thumb inside so I didn’t lose my place.

I looked at the cover.

Yep. Definitely the same book and yet somehow what I just read set off a light bulb in my head.

After 18 months of studying metaphysics and several years of being interested in God, not the story of the mean guy who sat in a chair pointing down at me ready to strike but a loving God who embraces everyone, I felt as if the missing link had finally appeared. I got it now. I thought. There was a definite feeling of having been struck by something quite amazing.

Despite being given the title of Reverend and having studied for the privilege to be called that, I really only studied metaphysics because I wanted to learn more about how the universe works and how I could use it to my advantage. I had gotten myself into some serious trouble.

I had dragged myself deep within the rabbit hole and I was only able to dig myself back out by focusing on how I wanted my life to be rather than what it was turning into. Still. That was in the past now and I was through it. In my quest to understand how I got through it I studied metaphysics and now I finally understood the message.

The light bulb had gone off in my head throwing light upon all the darkness. I had read this book three times already but maybe I just wasn’t paying attention to what I read.

What I knew now was that nothing that had gone before mattered. Only what was in front of me right now in this moment and what was to happen in the coming weeks and months ahead.

It was a simple realisation really but so very profound. It would seem that all those doubts and fears had kept me away from the very source of who I truly am.

It suddenly all made sense. Now all I had to do was act, speak, think and behave as a prosperous person and prosperity would be mine.

I am not talking about just money here. I am talking about prosperity as a whole.

Meeting and marrying the love of my life, a growing circle of spiritual friends, happiness, health, creative power, love, true joy, all the Gucci I could handle and yes money. Act healthy, speak healthy words, and think like a healthy person and I will magnetically attract health. Apparently, this is how the universe works.

I sat back and allowed the magnitude of what I had just experienced sweep over me.

Of course I knew all of this stuff intellectually but my life was not exactly a picture postcard of results. I did okay. I wasn’t starving and amazing things had been happening, some might call them miracles, but then I am not living in my dream home or driving my Jag.

Yet. Somehow I knew this was my time. I was back. I was focused and my focus was on my entitlement to fulfilment.

I knew that one day I would be reading my latest best selling metaphysical book to a room full of people but that it would be more than just another self-help spiritual book.

It would awaken the world to their true identity as spiritual beings, powerfully creative who are here to experience everything they desired. My book was an instant best seller because after my light bulb moment my own prosperity experienced a quantum leap that took place in less than six months. I was happy, wealthy, and healthy.

I knew that I am and always will be prosperity personified.

I took my thumb out of the book, shut it and looked up. The applause was instant. People stood up and they were smiling. I was so happy they had enjoyed listening to me read an extract from my journal.

Diane Corriette (aka Zyanne)


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