How realistic is it to follow our heart?

I am very pleased to be supporting a new author called Gardenia Destang and her debut book “Becoming Me” and today she wrote a blog post called following one’s heart. A few of the comments on the blog post asked how realistic is it to follow our heart. I mean its a nice concept but in reality when there are children to look after, bills to pay and responsibilities to manage can we always expect to follow our heart?

Being a personal development lover at heart and a realist of mind I say yes it is and if it isn’t always possible there are always alternatives.

Firstly, it will take a huge amount of self-confidence to follow your heart because you need to believe deep down that you can achieve what you are setting out to do and that you deserve to succeed. Having some insights into how/why/when you sabotage yourself is also important so you know when you are likely to make life difficult for yourself. For example, I know that sometimes I start things and when I hit a few walls I tend to give up. While it is important to know when to let go because something is not meant to be sometimes I believe I give up a little too early. I know that about myself and that is what encourages me to keep going and discover a new solution if what I am doing is not working.

When I decided to pursue my career as a writer in 2012 I already know there are thousands of writers struggling and not making a living. I know there is a major possibility of receiving rejections and that it may be a slow process but I decided to go for it and follow my heart. Knowing how I might sabotage myself gives me some leverage to ensure I don’t and that I keep going until I have achieved my dream of publishing books internationally. Knowing that I can take small steps towards making this happen will stop me from wanting everything to happen immediately (but I am open to it happening immediately ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and will keep me focused. I am currently adding everything I have written over at http://www.penandi.comย 

Another example is an old client who wanted to act but had a job doing admin. It took a few years but slowly and surely she pursued her passion. She started by acting in roles while still in full time work. Eventually when redundancy was offered she took it, found another very basic part-time job to keep the money going and continued acting. She also wrote her own one woman show and promoted that. This bought in other roles for her and she still continues to act in theatre now. It may have taken her years to follow her heart but she did it.

Do you believe it is realistic to follow your heart? Do you expect it all to happen immediately or are you happy to take small steps towards making something happen? Happy to hear any comments you have.

Good luck to Gardenia Destang with her debut novel “Becoming Me”


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  1. I believe it is very realistic to follow your heart provided you are willing to stick to it, come what may.


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