A message for Susie

I remember our last day together. We sat in the cool autumn breeze enjoying the last of the summer sun. Your favourite time of the year before the cold sets in.

I never doubted you loved me, even when you disappeared for two weeks because Mrs Thompson four doors down was serving steak every day as part of her protein rich diet. You enjoyed the fat and the leftovers. I waited for you to return.

I remember the time we moved house and forgot you. Somewhere along the M1 from London to Luton we put you down. I thought he had you and he thought the girls had picked you up.

The girls burst into tears when I shared the realisation that we may never see you again. I cried in my room. If it helps Susie we didn’t sleep all night worrying about you.

Thank heavens for microchips and the kind lady who took you in as we frantically searched for you.  It was no surprise that you decided to stay in for the next three months after your return to our new home.

We felt guilty every day watching you sitting on the window sill longingly looking out onto our new large garden full of adventures for an inquisitive cat like yourself.

It was as if our temporary abandonment of you had rendered you unable to trust that we will always be there. You finally took a step into the garden and we breathed a sigh of relief.

You were always there for us all, my darling. Through the flu, the broken bones, fractured skull and the chicken pox. You sat there by our side until we were better.

No one will ever replace you Susie.We have included Snoops, your stuffed mouse, who is almost as old as you are. We know how much you loved chasing that thing around the house and sleeping with it too. It certainly lasted a good few years Susie as did you. E

ven when the arthritis attacked your joints and made it difficult for you to climb your favourite tree you remained a loving and fairly active family member.

Now dear Susie as we lay you down to rest we want you to know we will think of you often, tell stories about you to your granddaughter Mollie who now lives with us and always keep the photo of you holding Snoops at the family barbeque up on the mantel piece. Rest in peace Susie and sleep well.

A message for Susie

written by Diane Corriette