Taking time to enjoy success

The road to fulfillment can be paved with abandoned moments of success if we don’t take the time to stop and enjoy the results of our hard work. Speaking from my own personal experience in the past I was always too quick to rush off to complete the next goal without stopping to enjoy and celebrate the one I had just completed.

This week I finally managed to complete my first book called The Last Hut and put it onto Kindle as well as self-publish it and make it available to buy as a physical book. Unfortunately, I made a bit of an error with the pages in the book so I had to redo it and submit it for publishing again (expensive mistake and the joys of self-publishing I guess) so it won’t be available for another couple of weeks but I am still enjoying the success of completing it.

Setting and achieving a goal, target, intention or whatever you like to call it really is wonderful and taking the time to acknowledge/enjoy your success really does help to rebuild self-confidence in your abilities to get things done. Rather than rush off and start on the next goal or the next stage of your goal stop and pat yourself on the back – it really does help to keep you moving forward I find.

It was only 10 months ago that I set my intention to write and become an author. I hadn’t even decided to write and self-publish a book. I set the intention, spoke my affirmations, visualized my success and used deep breathing/meditation to help me stay focused on my goal. Β I have come a long way and am looking forward to the next part of this journey.