Waiting from afar

Every day I waited for him to leave his house and make his way to work. The anticipation of seeing him woke me up early each morning. I didn’t have to be up at 6.30am – it wasn’t as if I had any place to go. I woke for him. I waited to watch him because he was never quite dressed when he got into his car.He had to adjust his tie or tuck his shirt into his pants. His skilled hands worked quickly and I imagined them working me.

Sometimes I wondered if I should go out and talk to him maybe tell him how much I enjoy watching him every morning but i knew that sounded weird and stalker like in its admission so I held back and just watched from afar.

He got into his car, adjusted the mirror and the seat (he did that every morning because every evening his son took the car out) then when he was sure it was safe he drove off. I waved him goodbye and wished him a pleasant day at work. I will be back to watch him return and imagine stroking his tired feet.

Written by Diane Corriette

Pen and I.com

Daily Prompt: A Bend in Time

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