Lionesses Lair

Pleasure beyond belief. Warm sensual place
Entering this deeply forbidden space
It’s scent attracts you. Desire fills you.
There’s nothing more to do but surrender
You touch. It moves under your direction
You taste. Feel it grow. Give it time to expand
At this moment as you move inside now
You’d give up all you have to control this
The movement starts off slow. Enjoy this time
Go deep inside the lionesses liar
Your heart increases. The Rhythm changes
My Love, sweet desire, nothing leaves us
As the rhythm of my love changes
The relief of ecstasy brings the end

The Lionesses Lair

September 2008 – written by Diane Corriette


This is my attempt at erotic poetry without getting too much into sex and making it more sensual and intimate between two people in love. I would love to write more in this way and may do in the future but for now flash fiction stories are my priority. I love thinking about the act of making love and how I can use suggestive words that get people thinking.

I choose a lionesses because of her beauty and strength, her ability to work hard and attract male attention. I decided on the word lair because it is a private place, a resting place, a place that is well hidden – all of those seemed more than appropriate!