The queen of fashion and the geeks

This post has been written after visiting Morgen’s story writing group blog:

The queen of fashion and the geeks

She had always been into fashion. As a little girl she wore her mom’s clothes and shoes. A red floral dress with high pink shoes was her favorite. Red lips and rouge cheeks added to her grown up look. With what her mom called her “war paint” on she pranced about in front of the mirror.  Mom went crazy but always admired her passion for looking great.

She always thought it important she was seen as fashionable. Being part of the “poplar” group in high school it was important for her to set a standard to those she called “geeks, bores and wannabes” who had no sense of style or what was going on in the fashion industry.

She hadn’t expected to see anyone on her trip out. Desperate for milk and chocolate on an early Sunday morning she slipped out to the local shop less than a block away from her house. It was two of the geeks she was toughest on who saw her. So excited by the opportunity to embarrass the queen of fashion, as she insisted on everyone calling her, they seized the moment. With no make-up, grey baggy jogging bottoms with a few red stains on the front, messy hair and thick glasses they hardly recognized her. Unsure if it was her they crouched low and approached like cats stalking their prey. A quick snap of their phone and the photo evidence was there. Afraid it might be called a Photoshop hoax they hit record and video evidence appeared. Excited by this bit of traffic generating material they uploaded it to their blog and hit publish.

Random : Share a problem

I never have been able to write a story by planning it out. I try but I haven’t managed it yet. I have one story in planned mode right now. I have the characters and have written out what will happen but have no idea how to start writing. Usually a story enters my head and I just sit and write it out. what I don’t always end up with and what I want in all of my stories is a twist to the ending. I believe it will come from planning out my story but what good is a story if I can plan but not write.


Picture : what does this inspire?

The desire to save up for a holiday to visit some place hot. Thoughts of relaxation and feeling the sun warming my tired body.

A background in marketing

I lied. I needed to make a decision and I wanted the job so I lied.

I know the work involves marketing and I believe I can do what’s needed to get results.

I will read a couple of marketing books over the weekend and make sure when I start Monday morning I know all the buzz words. Having a background in marketing is all about the buzz words.


One thought on “The queen of fashion and the geeks

  1. Thank you for the mention (and I’m delighted you used my prompt). Caron Allan left a reply for you there… “Loved the story – what goes around comes around! I liked your style – not too descriptive, which is always a big turn-off for me, and I think most of us can relate to the image of a kid dressing up. Would love to know ‘what happened next’. Yes, I know what you mean, I hate planning too. You don’t have to if it doesn’t work for you. I always feel like I’ve already told the story if I plan it out the way we’re always told to plan a story, and that makes me lose interest. So now I don’t plan, just make a few notes to remind of the eye colour or husband’s colleague’s name or any other important point (which would probably get picked up anyway when you do a careful revision!)”

    I don’t plan either. I’m about to start my seventh novel (sixth NaNoWriMo) and planned the first one but soon learned that the characters take over. I write a flash fiction every weekday for my main blog’s 5pm Fiction slot ( and never plan those. It always amazes me what comes out from a word, sentence start, keywords etc.


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