The Last Hut and 29 other flash fiction stories is now available on Kindle too. I am excited to get this book out in as many different formats as possible and for me Kindle is essential for any author.

You can click the link below to get a copy

Click HERE to buy The last hut for UK Kindle 

For USA Kindle click HERE

The cover has been taken from an image I found of me on top of one of the last hut’s that I built and the door was open showing it to look exactly as described in my story.  We didn’t usually put a door and a curtain onto our hut and having it there opened up an opportunity for other things to happen!

I am really excited about this journey into self-publishing and using Kindle. I know it is only the very beginning and loads of marketing needs to be done but I feel as if I have completed an important milestone. In the 10 months since I decided it was time to fulfil my dream of writing I have managed to complete a course on writing flash fiction and put my first book together. I am looking forward to sharing many other stories with you over the coming months.

This is the first step at the bottom of a very steep mountain but I am ready to attempt the climb and my intention is set to succeed.

Some of the stories included in The Last Hut Kindle edition can be read on this blog and if you are interested in the story behind the flash fiction story you can click the link to read my blog post on that – writing the last hut

There is also an extract HERE



The Last Hut Kindle Edition

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