Queen of the universe for a day

‘It’s my first time, you do understand that, right?’ she looked at me as if she has heard it all before.

‘All you have to do my dear is harness the power that is already yours because we are all wired to the Divine but only a few of us manage to really connect.’ And with that she was gone and I was awake. Awake at 3am and wondering if what I had was a real conversation or just a dream.

Two hours later and the sun throws new light on another day. In the distance dogs bark as night time animals get ready for sleep. This is not their time. I wake up and shower unsure about what to do next.

‘What if today really is my time to connect to Divine energy? What if I tap into the collective conscious and bring forth everything I desire?’ I am talking out loud but to no one in particular because there is no one here to listen.

All I have to do is sit and talk. Focus on what I want and let Divine energy take me there. But this is my first time and I am really not sure if I want to do this so I hesitate, yet again, and for another year as the moment passes.

Queen of the universe for a day

Halloween is tomorrow and it is supposed to be a time when we remember all the faithful departed believers but who else knows what happens at this time. What if, for one day, the world opened up and Divine energy became yours what would you do with it? Fear might stop you doing anything don’t you think because none of us can be truly show about what might happen if our every thought became our reality in an instant.


3 thoughts on “Queen of the universe for a day

    • It is definitely a wonderful feeling. I keep getting the feeling that this story will become something longer. Some challenges at what appears when asking is not clear enough, a few things going wrong and falling apart before getting to grips with how powerful a connection to the Divine can be and understanding that it is not all about asking for stuff! Thanks for the comment Theresa


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