My Chookaloonks

Your warmth fills me the most when we are in bed together, under the blankets it surrounds me, swirls around me starting at my heart and radiating up and down my body until I am encased. In the silent, peaceful, loving embrace of your swirling warmth I am snug and warm.

I love the fact that we have been together for so long. At least 10 years. I love your company, my chookaloonks, and you are such a wonderful listener.

You comfort me when life hands me a shitty day and demands that I deal with it. The phone rings and you patiently wait for me to return. No judgement about leaving you alone while I chat incessantly for hours. Sometimes you join me and listen as I laugh about the latest dating disaster or celebrate some great news. You were the only one with me when I got the news of my aunt’s death and that night your warmth comforted me through the pain.

Today, we have been together for hours and you remind me that it is time to put the kettle on. You are right of course. How selfish of me to not notice. Looking at you I can see you need something hot and filling inside you. Kettle boiled I unscrew the cap and refill you with freshly boiled water.


My chookaloonks

FYI, Chookaloonks is a Caribbean word that means sweetheart. I have spent this week going through a Caribbean dictionary looking for words I can use to create a story, which is how this piece of prose came about.

I don’t know if you managed to figure out what I was talking about before I got to the end but right now, as dark cold nights set in, my chookaloonks is my favourite companion in bed.