My first acti-labs order arrived

My first Acti-Labs order arrived today.

I am so very excited I can’t even tell you.

It is a small order just for me – I figured the first one should be for me.

I ordered myself an acti-labs bottle (for the gym)

Hydraslim and Very Berry Diet-Aid Juice – I will be using those to take myself through a 7-day skinny blitz. I believe before I go public in September 2016 that I should have tested the products.

I have seen loads of great results in the private Facebook group I belong to for Ambassadors but wanted to test them out myself.

My Acti-Labs Order included:

Lipo slimming wrap – after seven days on the skinny blitz I am going to wrap my arms.

Diet-Aid to try and help with portion control so I eat less

Some catalogues to show off my new business to people at some point

I ordered it on the day I joined – 13th July 2016 – and it arrived on Monday 18th July.

My second order was placed on Sunday 17th July and arrived on Wednesday 20th July 2016.

On Wednesday I went to renew the lease on my house for another year and in conversation with the woman who owns the business I mentioned Acti-Labs. She spoke of her desire to shed some weight quickly in time for an event and I told her the 7-day skinny juice blitz can help.

Later that evening she came round to my house and bought a 7-day skinny juice blitz kit from me. My first customer through a conversation. That means I will have to place another Acti-Labs order real soon.