I have completed the 7-day skinny juice blitz and am excited about my 8lbs weight loss and the fact that after 10 months of being stuck in a plateau that I was able to lose any weight at all.

Two weeks later and it has stayed off and I am now looking to use hydra-slim as a long-term companion because it really did help with my cravings for unhealthy carbs and bread. It basically stopped them.

The super fruit skinny juice sachets that comes with the hydra-slim and the super green skinny juice sachets both tasted great, although for a client I recommend the very berry because she doesn’t like greens (her words).

I had two people following the skinny juice blitz along with me and the other person managed to lose weight while still eating fast food but didn’t stick with it for the full 7-days.

The one thing about carrying out the Acti-Labs skinny juice blitz or the 7-day shred (the shred includes replacing a meal with a shake) is that they both provide results when you stick to the plan.

My order arrived with some instructions but it was instructions for the 7-day shred.

It stated I should eat 700 calories a day and take a shake so I started my skinny juice blitz on 700 calories a day. By day three (after reading more about the blitz) I quickly realised these two were different programs and so I read up on the blitz and realised I need to eat 800-900 calories a day.

I was amazed I could stick to a very low calorie diet like that but I did.

The skinny juice sachets killed my appetite which meant I wasn’t hungry (once I was eating the 800-900 calories a day) and the hydra-slim completed killed my cravings for carbs. It really has been great at regulating my blood sugar levels.

You can buy a bottle of hydra-slim here

Food Eaten on Skinny Juice Blitz
I did my best to spread out my food during the day so I ate breakfast, lunch, dinner and two small snacks. One in the morning and one late afternoon (which is usually when I took my juice).

Although the super green juice will take me through the whole day it is usually the evening when I snack, late at night.

I can be good all day and then come the late evening while in front of the TV I end up eating something unhealthy. Taking my sachet in the late afternoon (around 4pm) helped me avoid the late night eating. I was able to go the whole evening without even thinking about food which was a blessing.

The recommendation is that I ate low carb, so I stuck to either meat with vegetables or fish with vegetables for my evening meal.

I also drank green tea, especially in the evening, to help fill out any gaps.

If I ate fruit I did that in the morning, usually as my first snack and breakfast was usually egg or 20g of porridge. I used My Fitness Pal to track everything.

You can find out more about the Hydra Shred Kit here


Skinny Juice Blitz results