Water is life – Week 32 of 52 week photo project

Deb's World

Welcome to my wrap-up post for Week 32 of our 52 Week Photo Project

The theme for Week 32: Water

Water – I must admit I went a bit teacher-y with my photo this week and even did some research on bluebottles to share with you all – they are really amazing creatures!  I chose this photo as I loved the colour, the frilly bits and the different perspective of the bluebottle.

A bluebottle is a pretty little sea creature with a painful sting in its tail (or tentacles). Bluebottles are fascinating creatures and despite appearing to be single animals they’re actually colonial organisms known as siphonophores. This was one of many found in the water, and washed up on the beach, on the NSW South Coast. One of them left its mark on a Finnish Exchange student’s ankle while she was learning to surf. Did you know a group of…

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