In an effort to kick-start my weight loss and go on to losing my final 4 stones/56 pounds (I have already lost 6 stones/84 pounds) I decided to try an appetite suppressant and found an alternative to Boombod.

I read about Boombod online and was going to try it but it is quite expensive and many of the reviews I read were not great. That got me wondering if there was an Acti-Labs alternative.

Containing the same main ingredient (Glucomannan) I found Skinny Mix.

actidiet very berry skinny mix

Acti-Labs Skinny Mix is packed full of Glucomannan, which is a natural fibre that thickens in your stomach to help you feel full, instantly. The Skinny Mix is blended with berry extracts adding more nutrition to your diet.

You use it to help you to feel full immediately and avoid snacking or eating unhealthy foods because of the resulting hunger pangs.

As well as the 14 fruit and botanical extracts Skinny Juice also contains zero fat, is full of fibre and is only 40 calories per serving. Its goal is to help you stick to your diet by fighting hunger.

You can use one sachet with 400ml of water (and drink straight away) or use half the amount twice a day – before lunch and dinner.

I tend to overeat in the evening so for me Skinny Mix is a life saver and I take the whole sachet during my 6pm break at work. Then when I leave work at 8pm and get home I don’t go through my hunger pang pig-out and eat everything in my fridge.


My alternative to Boombod

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