Acti-Labs Ambassador

People always comment on the fact that I look younger than I am so I decided to promote the product which makes that possible. Acti-Labs use science to get the best out of Nature.

They develop cruelty free products that provide spa results at home for far less money.

Their products are available in the UK, America & Canada. You can visit my Acti-Labs website by clicking here. I recommend their Ultra Derm Cream.

This is a great business for beauty therapists, beauty bloggers, mobile hairdressers, personal trainers and anyone with clients who use makeup, skin-care and/or weight loss products.

It was an easy decision for me to become an Acti-lab Ambassador because as soon as I saw what they had on offer I knew that they really fit into my passion for high quality products. They combine medical-grade plant and marine actives, proteins and clinically proven skin-compatible bases to create luxurious products that provide visible results.

What they offer are products that provide a non-surgical way to look amazing. Collagen creams that help firm the skin. Weight loss wraps that help us to naturally break down fat. Diet aids that help reduce appetite and make the whole process of eating less easier.

Invite friends, have a laugh and try out the Acti-Labs products. Enjoy discounts when you host a party from home. Become an Act-Labs Ambassador. We have full & part-time opportunities to earn an income working from home. How much you earn is up to you. Your hard work decides.

What is a direct sales business?

Direct sales is a business model that involves the marketing of products directly to consumers, usually in their home or at their job but also online via social media. Single level direct sales involve you buying a product and selling it directly to a customer.

Multi-level direct sales (also known as multi-level marketing or person-to-person marketing) involves you making sales to customers but also sponsoring new people into your business and earning a commission from their efforts.

So, how does this help you if you are looking to help out at home by bringing in some more money or simply build yourself a little part-time business around the kids?

Well, it means you can start your own business. You can decide whether you work on your business for 1 hour a week or 40 hours and when you join the right business you get all the training and support you need to succeed. But! I hear you say. I hate selling and I have never been in business before. I can’t do this. I can’t do that. Well before you write yourself off completely, sign up for my newsletter ‘Embracing Direct Sales’, it will show you just how capable you are despite what you think.

Acti-Labs Products

If you are interested in buying Acti-Labs products you will find information on their weight loss products below.

Hydra-slim helps to naturally restore and re-balance your body’s internal systems. It has helped people reduce bloating, reduce water retention and speed up digestion, resulting in a flat tummy. This is an ActiDiet product that helps rid your body of toxins in may have accumulated. It also plays a part in helping to boost your body’s metabolism, particularly its ability to metabolise carbohydrates, glucose and fats.

The diet-aid sachets help you stick to your diet by reducing hunger pangs. Add the content to water and drink to help stop you feeling hungry. It plays a part in helping you change your eating habits. Some of the ingredients expand in the stomach making you feel full quickly.

The Acti-labs lipo sculpt wrap kit promotes immediate and long-term inch loss. It stimulates inch loss through lymphatic drainage – breaking down toxins and fats helping you with the cleansing process. It is the first non-injectable skincare product with lipolysis effect.

You can also visit my full Acti-Labs website.