Diamond Lustre Toothpaste restores natural whiteness

The Acti-Labs Diamond Lustre Toothpaste (or tooth cream) restores natural whiteness of your teeth. If you have stained teeth from wine, coffee, smoking or for any other reason consistent use of this toothpaste will help. The image above and the one below are real results by Acti-Labs Ambassadors who use the product. The diamond lustre … Continue reading Diamond Lustre Toothpaste restores natural whiteness


My Crete Adventure

I finished work on the 7th July and got ready to fly out on the 10th to Crete. After a short delay I was sat on the plane. My first holiday in 10 years and the very first of what I hope will become a travel adventure over the next few years. Getting on the … Continue reading My Crete Adventure

Enjoying contentment

I have spent most of the last 20 years striving for something. Some goal that I truly believed would make life better, happy, stronger. For the most part I have come to the conclusion that all I really did was miss out on living in the present moment. All that striving for something or waiting … Continue reading Enjoying contentment

Acti-Labs Slimming Wrap

Acti-Labs Slimming wraps work really well (if you were searching for ActiDerm slimming wraps you are in the right place – the company name has changed). They are very popular among people looking to lose inches for a specific occasion (e.g. wedding or special event) and for more long-term slimming and weight loss results. Lipo sculpting fluid … Continue reading Acti-Labs Slimming Wrap

Benefits of developing a second income

I decided to looking into the benefits of developing a second income so I could contribute more to my family. I wanted to weigh the pros and cons of it all and I found the good far outweighs the bad. The worst thing about working towards developing a second income is the fact that I … Continue reading Benefits of developing a second income