My alternative to Boombod

In an effort to kick-start my weight loss and go on to losing my final 4 stones/56 pounds (I have already lost 6 stones/84 pounds) I decided to try an appetite suppressant and found an alternative to Boombod. I read about Boombod online and was going to try it but it is quite expensive and … Continue reading My alternative to Boombod


Diamond Lustre Toothpaste restores natural whiteness

The Acti-Labs Diamond Lustre Toothpaste (or tooth cream) restores natural whiteness of your teeth. If you have stained teeth from wine, coffee, smoking or for any other reason consistent use of this toothpaste will help. The image above and the one below are real results by Acti-Labs Ambassadors who use the product. The diamond lustre … Continue reading Diamond Lustre Toothpaste restores natural whiteness

Acti-Labs Slimming Wrap

Acti-Labs Slimming wraps work really well (if you were searching for ActiDerm slimming wraps you are in the right place – the company name has changed). They are very popular among people looking to lose inches for a specific occasion (e.g. wedding or special event) and for more long-term slimming and weight loss results. Lipo sculpting fluid … Continue reading Acti-Labs Slimming Wrap