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facebook_1469954874819Welcome to MidLife Warrior. The photo on the left is is me in 2016 after losing 35 kg (5 stones or 70 lbs) by eating mainly plant-based / juicing green vegetables.

My journey of eating dairy and then giving it up helped me recognise a huge problem. Whenever I eat dairy I experienced pain, stiffness and general feelings of being unhappy/unwell. Whenever I don’t eat dairy it all goes away. I feel light, uplifted and I walk/move better. So now I have removed dairy from my life and reduced my meat intake.

Along with improving the food I eat I am also focusing on getting into a regular pattern of exercise so I can be strong not saggy (or soft) in MidLife. I am always striving to find joy in the little things, remain calm through meditation and enjoy being healthy.

When I think about MidLife I know I want to be strong, centered, well, full of joy, open to magic and up for adventure.

When I think about being a Warrior I think about being brave, experienced and a fighter.

The aim of MidLife Warrior is to capture all of that on my blog.

More About Me (If you’re interested…)

I was born in London in 1966, a middle child and a shy introvert.

At 5′ 10″ I have always hated my height but have learnt to live with it.

By age 25 I found personal development and was able to live a little. Became a mother of three and ended up a single mother. Have raised three amazing human beings who are now living their life.

Caribbean heritage. My parents were born on an island in the East Caribbean called Dominica (Commonwealth of Dominica).

2008-2014 (the recession) was the most challenging time, as it was for many, and I ended up selling everything I owned and starting over. It has been slow going.

Around the age of 47 I found out about the Blue Zones and decided my midlife and older years will be more like that – being fit, healthy and eating more vegetables than meat.

So that’s my goal. To change my middle-age spread into middle-aged shred.

From 2014 to 2018 I have given up and gone back to dairy quite a few times – each time with the same result. Pain when I ate it and no pain when I didn’t.

I discovered the pain I experienced was called INFLAMMATION. My body was full of toxic material and it was causing me to experience pain. Within a WEEK or less of juicing and eating my plant-based/vegetable diet this pain disappeared. Whenever I give up dairy and meat my body reacts really well.

One of my goals has been to reverse the effects of inflammation so I remain healthy.

I am learning about how to remove inflammation from my body using a flexitarian diet and exercise. I am going to undo inflammation and enjoy living pain free and flexible.

To be more strong than I am saggy.

To create adventure, share my passions and be open to joy.

I have a lot of work to do.

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